How it Works ~ WEEDCODER

Get started with WeedCoder today! Follow our simple instructions to get started.


  1. Register as an “Employer”
  2. List your project with requirements
  3. Wait for freelancers to contact you
  4. Choose the freelancer(s) you want from the applicants
  5. Give the freelancer(s) the information needed to complete the project
  6. Once completed change all your passwords and deactivate any temporary accounts to secure your project.
  7. That’s it!


  1. Register as a “Freelancer”
  2. Apply to projects with your credits
  3. Wait for employers to contact you
  4. Fulfill the project requirements
  5. Notify the Employer that the work is complete
  6. After they approve the work you get paid
  7. The employer will give you a review
  8. That’s it!


  1. Register as “Both”
  2. You can list projects and apply to work for employers
  3. If you need to change to this option at some point just contact
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